Advantages of a Call Center Setup

Advantages of Back Office Call CenterCall Center Setup Advantages for You and Your Organization

Call centers are a godsend for companies and organizations, small and large alike, by providing top-notch help and Support. Most are now decked out with state of the art features, tools and staff all designed help your customers feel connected and in touch with you and your company. Back Office Call centers are one of the more proficient tools for providing customer support services at an economical cost. And they don’t just save your business money; they also save companies the headaches associated with organizing and staffing your customer support department.

Setup call center services have changed the way many companies do business. The advantages of using a call center system are numerous. It offers high-level expertise by leveraging the knowledge and skills of highly trained call center executives; the ability to provide a broad range of products and services to your clients; capacity to free yourself from the headaches of setting up and maintaining expensive equipment and facilities. Because of the number of advantages calls centers to offer your company, it would be worth a few moments of times to explore the benefits of incorporating this type of service into your business strategy.

Below are just a few of the many benefits call centers to provide:

First, call centers allow for the growth of your company by providing top notch customer support for all of your clients. Imagine that your company has just launched a new product, organized and are now promoting an upcoming event or have recently recalled an existing product.  All of these will result in an increase in the number of the inbound calls whether you are a small or large-scale company.

Call center executives are thoroughly trained and ready to handle the high-volume and pressure.  They possess all the needed assets to interact with your customers quickly and more efficiently. Choosing to outsource your call center needs, you can keep costs are under control as well as avoid the need, stress, and expense of system upgrades and maintenance.

Secondly, while it is possible to deal with the normal volume of calls by utilizing some trained employees in your company when your call volume increases or decreases the value of outsourcing call center services becomes readily apparent. Call centers allow you to ramp up or ramp down based on the influx of calls over any given period.

Also, call centers solutions to offer the perfect solution to test a customer support strategy you may wish to implement. This testing ability can allow you to hire a small telephone department, convert it to a 24-hour live helpdesk, test and adopt emergency response capabilities, see whether inbound or outbound services are best for you upcoming sales campaign, try providing bi-lingual services for your target demographic. There is no limit to how much testing you can engage in to find out the most effective way that will work for your customers every time your company does something new like a new launch of a product or service.

Fourth, if you have global customers, call centers allow you the flexibility to field calls from customers around the world at different times during the day. Call centers provide you with the ability to stay in touch with your customers and provide 24/7 customer support.

Fifth, your company can take advantage of call center co-sourcing. Co-sourcing gives you the option of having some call center agents working in-house and some can work offshore. The back office of your company takes care of the entire call volume received and properly handled.

Many Companies will decide to set up a back-office call center for strategic (customer segmentation) or operational (call volume uncertainty) reasons, or both. Below are the main use cases of back office call center:

Handle excess calls

Receive after-hours calls

Offer round the clock service for a fraction of the price.

Disaster recovery

Handle calls in the event of an emergency allowing for business continuity.

Field specialized calls

Below are 5 advantages achieved through co-sourcing a call center workforce:

  1. Reduced costs

Back office call center is a cost-effective strategy to maintaining a complete call center workforce in-house. Co-sourcing cuts cost related to staffing a segment of call center agents. It reduces the costs as it can set up in a less expensive country compared to your main business targetted country. It turns significant fixed costs into a variable cost: skilled employees are there when you need it. These can create large savings over time and drastically improve your bottom line.

  1. Higher call quality during peak hours

A highly trained and knowledgeable staff of off-premise call center agents that can field calls within a moment’s notice can greatly increase service quality during peak hours. Excess calls can be redirected to them, reducing customer wait times and frustration

  1. Decrease customer hang-ups

Back office call center setup can handle your overflow calls to an outside service provider, long wait times and high caller abandonment rates can be eliminated. Every call will be answered, and your clients will appreciate the expedited service.

  1. Higher levels of service

Do you want to improve your service level results?  Back office call center is the solution you need. When call volumes increase and service levels decrease, you can transfer the excess calls to your back office staff, effectively decreasing wait times and increasing service level.

  1. Higher levels of customer satisfaction

Deciding to co-source your call center workforce to back-office agents allows your agents to more effectively handle peak call volume and have more time to meet the customer’s needs.

Co-sourcing can be an extremely effective strategy to increase customer service, raise efficiency and reduce risk without sacrificing your bottom line. It may be what you need to push your company ahead of the competition.