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Call Center Solutions help organizations to deliver outstanding customer experience across UAE. We can design your call center with flexibility through their preferred media. Voice Telephony communication plays an active role for most of the companies customer interaction. Our Call Center solutions reduce customer handling time and increase the agent efficiency. With customized reporting and call monitoring capabilities you are always in control of your call center. Most Customer service call centers often involve problem-solving. Our Call Center Solutions lets customers reach you in Confidence.

We provide comprehensive contact center solutions and Call Center Solutions that let all types of businesses manage any types of client interactions. Our solutions focus on customer contact management.So contact center supervisors can focus on maximizing agent performance and agents can concentrate on providing quality service to your most valuable asset. That is your customers.

Dubai’s Call Center System Solutions for Businesses

Call center systems are in other terms, standard business phone systems and helpdesk or customer service solutions. Call Center Solution Dubai will offer services with many solutions to make any call center function through an integrated communication system. With many divisions of call center system solutions and industries that can maintain through these systems, they offer smart, yet up to date technology for call center solutions. The entire system includes broad categories of business applications, IT Infrastructure, support services and other solutions, to make for a professional and well-functioning call center.

There is several application include in business, and that may link with call center systems in Dubai. Such as  ERP, which is enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management(CRM), retail solutions and other various applications, such as BI analytics to performance management. In a  call center systems, multiple elements of the IT Infrastructure also be linked with the Call Center solution. Some of them are wireless, unified communications,  messaging systems, virtualization, storage, remote support, information security, maintenance contracts and digital marketing. When it comes to supporting Call Center systems our services will include, annual IT maintenance contracts, remote monitoring support, managed services, extended warranty, and consultancy services.

Call Center Solution Types and How They Help Businesses

The call center solutions that are focal points in any call center includes, but not limited to, inbound call center, outbound call center, blended call center, contact center, web-enabled call center, offshore and even virtual. As a solution, an inbound call center helps many companies with their incoming calls, with categories such as technical support and customer services. An inbound call center functions as a primary answering service for businesses taking their customer calls. Inbound call center organizations will provide a means of customer service and/ or customer support.  Inbound call centers can also offer their services as an internal helpdesk or take different types of sales order depending on the business’s products.

Call Center Solutions Dubai

Inbound Call Center

The general services that an inbound call center will provide with inbound call center solutions will include, scheduling appointments, registration, and reservations, take sales orders, processing and order entry, technical support for businesses, dealing with customers and customer service. It is such as receiving inquiries, request, Support and indeed complaints. Inbound call centers can save companies money by handling agents systematically with the help of a call center solution. With a proper IVR Solution, Customers are treated and routed through Interactive Voice Response.  Inbound call centers are often contracted through companies to aid with inbound call solutions.

Outbound Call Center

As another solution for outbound calls, outbound call centers initiate the phone calls to a company’s client or consumers, whether they are potential, long-standing or somewhere in between. Outbound call center solutions are as helpful as inbound solutions. Outbound call centers contact a client or consumer to conduct surveys, fundraiser or even only sell a product from the particular company.  Outbound call centers are more focal on making calls in the aspect of telemarketing, lead generation, debt collections, messaging and services dispatch in the emergency,  subscription upgrades, and renewals, credit card services, fraud prevention, market research, customer feedback. Our call Center Solution for Small business allows you to run multiple campaigns and set different call volumes for each campaign.

Blended Call Centers

The focal point of a blended call center is to blend automatic call distributions. Dealing with blended automatic call distribution call centers, also have agents to answer phone calls, while predictive dialing will connect agents only to specific telephone numbers that will answer a concurrent call in the telephony system. Blended call center solutions will drastically decrease the amount of time any agent goes idle from not receiving inbound calls or even being idle through outbound calling. Blended call centers, get things done in an orderly, but continuous manner making it a more productive option for business because there is always an agent working.

Despite the fact that, inbound software for inbound call centers call will differ from the software that an outbound call center uses to manage the calls. The blended call center will have to use software that will enable them to provide both services and handle incoming and outgoing calls in a simultaneous manner for the business which contracts their services. Blended services are a sure solution for businesses who need both inbound and outbound call center solutions.

Virtual Call Center Solution

Virtual call centers are another fast-growing solution that many businesses are taking notice of and considering when looking call centers. A virtual call center will use software such as, different types of Search CRM software to form a call center, in which agents can be located anywhere geographically. This is an advantage in call center solutions for many businesses because they are able to have people who can work on all different time zones. Also, this takes away from any additional need to purchase an entity to gather people in one place to do this type of work and will cut costs across the board in various ways.